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Judy Blume Forever contextualizes a lifetime destined to be a legacy. More than just a bonus to the recent feature-length adaptation of Blume’s widely celebrated Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret., this documentary is a timely look at Blume’s literary contributions, which primarily center on approaching young adult readers with a caring yet candid view of the world around them. The 85-year-old author is no different regarding herself. Proving an open book, she shares her life story with as much radical honesty as she employs in her writing. This consistent forthrightness has resulted in continual calls to ban Blume’s books, which are currently under attack yet again as a coordinated rise in attempted book bans by a conservative network of local political and advocacy groups nationwide sees traction. And while Blume remains outspokenly opposed to this censorship, her fans have also helped to protect and usher her work through the decades, building off her foundation to create shows such as PEN15, Girls, and more. And alongside the famous talking heads behind these well-known television shows is the sweet surprise of lesser-known fans, which reveals some of the yearslong relationships Blume kept with her readers and the direct impact she had on their lives. Stirring, essential, and sincere, Judy Blume Forever is just as enjoyable as Blume’s oeuvre has always been and will always be. 16+, 97 min.

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