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Magical storytelling for Pisces season

Chicago: it’s Pisces season. In case you are not a zodiac crackerjack like moi, Pisces is a water sign, typically represented by two fish swimming in counter directions, which is said to symbolize the counterbalance of fantasy and reality. In the magical world of the zodiac, water signs represent depth, emotion, and psychics. 

Seeing Physician Magician at the Rhapsody Theater is a perfect way to get into the Pisces groove. Starring international illusionist and award-winning physician Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz, who founded the theater last year, this intimate 90-minute one-person show is brilliantly elegant, offering the perfect combination of theater and magic through the lens of storytelling. 

Physician Magician
Through 4/2: Thu-Fri 7:30 PM, Sat 2 and 7:30 PM; also Sun 3/26 2 PM and Sun 4/2 6:30 PM, no show Thu 3/16 and 3/23, 2 PM Sat 3/25, and 7:30 PM Sat 4/1; Rhapsody Theater, 1328 W. Morse, 888-495-9001, rhapsodytheater.com, regular tickets $20-$50, VIP and premium $60-$75

During the show, Dr. Rosenkranz takes you into his study, shares anecdotes from his life and experience as a physician (he’s an assistant professor in clinical pediatrics at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine), and pairs them with illusions and tricks that will excite and intrigue you. This show makes you laugh, blows your mind, and gets you in your feels. (If you are a Virgo sun, Taurus ascending, and Gemini moon like me, you will cry.)

The doctor’s charismatic and genuinely hilarious performance makes the show perfect for any occasion and appropriate for older kids. His witty banter with audience members (yes, this is an interactive show) is delightful. 

But it’s also insightful, with a deep emphasis on empathy—which is also perfect for Pisces season. Physician Magician reminds us that magic is medicine, and medicine is magic, making this the perfect self-care experience for the Season of the Fish.

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