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UPDATE Thursday, March 12: this event has been canceled. Refunds available at point of purchase.

Tracy Letts’s clammy psychological drama, first produced in London in 1996 and later seen locally at A Red Orchid Theatre, where original star Michael Shannon is an ensemble member, gets a revival with Steppenwolf. Set in a seedy motel, the story follows the folie a deux between Peter, a veteran of the first Gulf War, and Agnes, a cocktail waitress who is hiding from her violent ex-con former husband. Peter’s paranoia about everything from UFOs to the small insects he believes live underneath his skin begins to affect Agnes as the two misfits try to create a world where they will be safe. David Cromer directs, with Carrie Coon and Namir Smallwood starring as Agnes and Peter. The cast also includes Randall Arney, Jennifer Engstrom, and Steve Key. 312-335-1650

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