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Every once in a while, this contented stoner of some 30 years can still have a “cannabis epiphany,” as I’m often quite floored at how far the legal marijuana world has progressed. Case in point, while DJing a record fair and happening at Life on Marz Community Club back in January, I was not prepared for the majesty of the SESH bus. 

As cofounder and director of training McKensie Kahnweiler exclaimed, “My favorite thing is when people walk in the lounge and squeal with joy, saying, ‘This is what stoner dreams are made of.’” Kahnweiler nailed my exact feeling as I walked onto this chill, swank, roving venue, which was not packed with drunken sports fans heading to a game nor a froofy bachelorette party. Instead, I witnessed turned-on folks laughing, casually socializing, and groovin’ on 70s funk tunes, in a perfectly mood-lit rec room with tires, and with all manner of joints and swag laid out for sampling (this time via sponsor Daze Off, who hired the bus for the event). 

Courtesy of SESH

The park ’n’ puff service, aka SESH (Social Equality Smoke House), is the only such weed-on-wheels game going in Chicago (and probably the country). Khanweiler and Derrick Levy honed their skills and knowledge working together at Green Thumb Industries and left in March 2021 to start SESH with Theresa Schiller and Ryan McBride, launching the lounge on Halloween of that year. Kahnweiler elaborated, “We came up with the Mobile VIP Lounge concept because we are all big cannabis consumers and dreamed of being able to partake more frequently with the community.” This puff-patron hopes that this neighborhood-based, fantasy-became-reality motor party parks on my block soon!


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