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Best place to grab a midday nap

Even high-powered executives sometimes need a midday siesta to power through the day. Yet, dropping one’s head on a desk can leave one cramped and even more tired, while companies that provide cots can find themselves in PR trouble (think Twitter and Elon Musk).

So what is a person to do when in need of a power nap?

Visit Biân at 600 W. Chicago.

A private membership spa and wellness center, Biân offers a range of services, from a trendy restaurant to mindfulness classes to spa services to a music room.

Sleep is woven into its wellness package, with a luxury nap room that can be rented out in 30- to 120-minute intervals.

What makes it a great nap? It starts with the bed—a Hästens mattress from Chicago Luxury Beds. These beds are handmade with ethically sourced materials and designed to provide support, comfort, and ventilation.

Next, guests choose among high-tech or high-touch amenities to improve the sleep experience. Users can program the lighting and temperature levels and select among Biân’s music and podcast offerings or plug in their own USB device. Those seeking a more mindful experience can tune into a Biân sleep meditation.

Then there are the benefits of having the nap room not far from the spa. Guests can book a massage that ends with them drifting into dreamland.

When nap time is over, the lights gently rise, and a voice through the intercom issues a warm wake-up call.

Mon-Wed 6 AM-8 PM, Thu-Fri 6 AM-9 PM, Sat 7 AM-6 PM, Sun 8 AM-5 PM
600 W. Chicago, Suite 001, 312-625-0845

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