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Best place to get your weed tested

So you’ve coaxed your girl up from a tiny seed to a bushy green giant who bends under the weight of her dank, frosty, purple flowers. These, you’ve lovingly harvested, dried, cured, and trimmed until they’re ready to smoke. 

But how well did you do from a measurable scientific perspective? What’s the THC percentage, the CBD? The cannabigerol? How about terpenes, the chemical compounds that give your buds their flavor and aroma? Did you miss any mold development? How about parasites?  

 Or maybe, you just don’t trust the lab analysis on your dispensary-bought weed. Or maybe you want to know if your dealer’s shit is as good as they say.

 Whatever sparked your curiosity, just take one or more 1.5 gram buds to this Irving Park seed bank, which is home to a $8,500 GemmaCert PRO. The Israeli-manufactured desktop chamber will laser every dimension of your flower using near-infrared spectroscopy and data analytics and issue a printout of all its stats within 15 minutes.

 The cost is $35 for a single test or $100 for four tests if you want to get the average levels on an entire plant—or your entire crop. For better or worse, your buds are returned to you intact.

Money Tree Genetics
4017 W. Irving Park

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