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Best ‘don’t go here, go there instead’ Chicago food TikToks

The first time my girlfriend sent me a TikTok from @plateswithp, she said, “I don’t know why, but I trust everything she says.” I, too, became an immediate fan.

Paige Serena started making food and lifestyle content on TikTok in 2022. Born in Chicago and raised in Milwaukee, she fell in love with Chicago’s food as she grew up visiting her grandma’s house on the south side. Paige’s content ranges from OOTD and GRWM videos to full, thorough restaurant guides, but her most compelling foodie series—and the one that skyrocketed her success as a creator—is “Don’t go here, go there instead.” She discusses restaurants across neighborhoods, giving the best alternatives to places that are overhyped or overpriced, factoring in ambience and drink options alongside food reviews.

Serena’s guide to Chicago spots to celebrate a birthday

“As a food critic and connoisseur, I had seen TikToks about restaurants that I felt were not worth visiting,” she told me via email. “I wanted to provide my viewers with raw and honest feedback on some of Chicago’s hot spots to help them make the best pick.”

@plateswithp has full guides on the Out of Office app, but you can also just binge her TikToks for categories like “No resy needed,” “Black restaurant week spots to try,” “Trusted takeout,” “Birthday on a budget,” and more.

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