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Zoom Lens x FAKKU “Metempsychosis” Art Book/LP

Zoom Lens x Fakku
“Metempsychosis” + Release Party
Out Now via Zoom Lens
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Zoom Lens teams up with FAKKU, the world’s largest English adult manga distributor in the world, to bring a new collaborative compilation, Metempsychosis, which will be available on vinyl / PDF & all digital platforms by Zoom Lens on June 27th, as well as CD / art book by on July 15th, via Fakku, coinciding with an official release party with Anime Expo, the largest attended anime convention in the United States. In addition to being an official Anime Expo party, the event will also be streaming via takes a firm philosophical narrative, conceptualizing the process of the soul searching for new experiences by creating a collaborative atmosphere where illustrators and musicians across the globe have paired up to create artwork and music representing each other’s own unique world. The surrealist album artwork of Metempsychosis was illustrated by world renowned manga artist Shintaro Kago, who has iconically graced the cover of VICE magazine and Flying Lotus’ critically acclaimed You’re Dead. Other illustrators include Onoda Takuma, whose cyber-psychedelia has been described by Hi-Fructose as “observing the evolution of modern faith,” and Ivy Atoms, who has collaborated with members of Lil Peep’s rap emo revitalist collective, GOTHBOICLIQUE.

The release party for the compilation will take place in Los Angeles on July 2nd, and includes a heavyweight lineup, including but not limited to artists on the art book/ compilation release, housing the likes of Anamanaguchi, Meishi Smile, LLLL, The Bilinda Butchers, Thought Tempo and Syntho. Staying consistent with the release itself, the party will be composed of an all-around art emphasis, with live music and an art gallery on display. It will surely go down as a party, not soon forgotten.

The music of Metempsychosis includes artists such as Meishi Smile, who has been lauded by The Fader as the “leading interpreter of shoegazed J-pop,” international artists such as Japan’s LLLL, a member of Pitchfork’s #1 Japanese netlabel Maltine Records, and San Francisco dream-pop act The Bilinda Butchers, whose last critically-acclaimed album Heaven was released on Brooklyn label Orchid Tapes.

Metempsyschosis Tracklist:
Yeule ‘Death of an AI’ (Artwork by Shintaro Kago)
Meishi Smile ‘Angel’s Egg’ (Artwork by FANGRRLZ)
Aria Rostami ‘Naaz’ (Artwork by Naomi Butterfield)
Tallinn ‘’Divine Music Administration’ (Artwork by Onoda Takuma)
Gigandect ‘More Than You’ (Artwork by F4U)
The Bilinda Butchers ‘Lotus Eaters’ (Artwork by HIZGI)
LLLL ‘If You Say You Love Me Then Die With Me (feat. Yeule)’ (Artwork by Shintaro Kago)
Thought Tempo ‘How The Body Feels’ (Artwork by Dataerase)
Moon Mask ‘Risa’ (Artwork by Yuta Sakakibara)

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