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Yamaha NIKEN: Is a Leaning, Three-Wheeler a Motorcycle? (with video) (Bike Reports) (News)

  • October 27, 2017
  • Dirck Edge

Yamaha isn’t the first to introduce a leaning three-wheel “motorcycle”. Nearly a decade ago, we tested the Piaggio MP3. More weight and more complexity, but two contact patches in front combine for a remarkable level of rider confidence while cornering.

Yamaha isn’t saying much about the NIKEN at this point, but we expect a production machine and all details to be unveiled on November 6 at EICMA.

We do know that it sports a three-cylinder engine … presumably a derivitive of the triple introduced by Yamaha in the FZ-09 a few years ago.  Have a look at the photos and the video below.  We will provide more information after the EICMA launch.

This large-displacement Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW) is powered by a liquid-cooled, in-line, 3-cylinder engine. This model is equipped with LMW technology to reduce the effects of changing ride environments and to deliver a high feeling of stability when cornering. It achieves excellent performance for spirited and sporty riding on various road surfaces and the capability to freely carve through the continuous corners on winding roads. The body design makes full use of the unprecedented front-end suspension mechanism, pairing 15-inch front wheels with dual-tube upsidedown forks that visually accentuate the machine’s sporty performance and create a high-quality look and feel at the same time. New Yamaha NIKEN. Ride the Revolution.

Length x Width x Height = 2,150 mm x 885 mm x 1,250 mm

Engine type = Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve

Cylinder arrangement = In-line, 3-cylinder

See more of MD’s great photography:


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