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Use This Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List to Make the Best Team

There is no official Fire Emblem Heroes tier list, but players online have worked together to find the best characters in Fire Emblem Heroes. This list is a culmination of opinions, so keep that in mind. If you have an ally that works incredibly well on your team, don’t dismiss them just because they don’t make it onto this list.

This list will evolve as we have more hands-on time with Fire Emblem Heroes, and will definitely change if more Heroes are released!

Currently, the Grey archer Takumi, and the Green axe-user Hector, are considered the best units in Fire Emblem Heroes.  Their amazing counter abilities make them choice allies. See Tecchen’s illustration of how this works:


There are plenty of other powerful Heroes to use though! 

Generally speaking, if a Hero is only available as a 5* unit, they’re probably worth keeping. These include the following Heroes:

Name Color Weapon
Azura, Lady of the Lake Blue Lance
Hinoka, Warrior Princess Blue Lance
Linde, Light Mage Blue Magic
Hector, General of Ostia Green Axe
Minerva, Red Dragoon Green Axe
Leo, Sorcerous Prince Red Magic
Lucina, Future Witness Red Sword
Lyn, Lady of the Plains Red Sword
Ryoma, Peerless Samurai Red Sword
Tiki (Young), Dragon Scion Red Beast
Takumi, Wild Card Grey Bow
Elise, Budding Flower Grey Staff

Other heroes can be obtained lower than 5*, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth using. Below are top Heroes listed by color in Fire Emblem Heroes, as evaluated from multiple threads, lists, and opinions curated from players around the net. 

If you can’t find a character on these lists, they were not mentioned enough to gather an accurate, average opinion of them, or they were universally regarded as “not good.”

Tier 1 / Grade S Heroes: The very best Heroes

Tier 2 / Grade A Heroes: Great heroes

Tier 3 / Grade B Heroes: Above average Heroes 

Tier 4 / Grade C Heroes: Honorable mentions. These heroes were mentioned on tier lists at least half of the time, but either did not score well or are situational.

Characters with * before their name means they were ranked SS, and may very well be one of the best characters in the game. 

Disagree?  Tell us how you think we should change our tier list in the comments below!

Scoring Method Details: 

This tier list was compiled by averaging scores from multiple tier lists with the following kept in mind.

  • List’s average awarded score
  • Number of lists that included the Hero
  • Number of Heroes rated on the list
  • Average score of Heroes in that color
  • Outliers in the score set
  • General attitude about that hero observed in community

The lower the number, the higher ranked the Hero. Scores were weighted as follows:

SS = .5
S = 1
A = 2
B = 3
C = 4

Here are two examples: 

Barst’s averaged score is 3.3. However, only half of all lists included him, one of the lists scored him a 4, and one of them awarded an overwhelming number of heroes a score of 3. With this in mind, he was demoted to Tier 4. 

Generally, scores are rounded up. Robin’s score of 1.8 not only would normally be rounded to 2, but his score in comparison to other Tier 1 blue Heroes is noticably worse. However, every list evaluated included him and a majority placed him in Tier 1 and only few in Tier 2; a single list placed him in Tier 4, worsening his overall score. Robin’s damage boost versus grey hereos and his ability to counter from range also make him a fantastic counter to Takumi, securing him a spot in Tier 1. 

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