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Updated Version of iOS/Android Mr. AahH!! Game To Be Released for Facebook Instant Games

Kyoto, 11 July 2017:Mobile game developer PONOS is pleased to announce the release of their action/arcade game Mr. AahH!! + for Facebook Instant Games platform. This update to the original Mr. AahH!! will be available for free to all Instant Games users starting July 7, 2017.

Mr. AahH!! was originally released for iOS and Android in 2009, reaching an impressive 5.5 million downloads over the course of its availability on mobile devices and achieving the #1 position on the Casual/Arcade download charts in 24 countries.

The Mr. AahH!! + update, available exclusively for Facebook Instant Games, will allow players to not only challenge their own high scores, but view their friends’ progress and share their own achievements. Plus, as players progress they will earn Mr Coins that can be used to customize characters with cool new looks at the Face Shop, and activate temporary Boost Item bonuses to allow them to get out of tight spots in the game. Advanced players will find greater challenges in the Extreme Mode of the game.

This game is the first in a planned series of releases for Facebook Instant Games that are currently under development by PONOS, and we are looking forward to taking full advantage of this platform to bring more wonderful creations to gamers the world over.

Mr. AahH!! + Game Concept
Simple & exciting arcade action!

  1. Tap anywhere to JUMP!
    2. Land as close to the center of the platform to maximize your score! Hitting the bullseye will earn you PERFECT marks and Mr. Coins!
    3. Consecutive PERFECT results will increase your score multiplier!
    4. Keep an eye on your friends’ results at the top and aim to beat their high score!

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