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These are the automakers that owners say they like the most

Automobile Production At A Porsche AG Factory
  • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

J.D. Power APEAL Awards

Logical, objective factors such as cargo space, fuel economy, and price are all vital when it comes to finding the right car. Still, for many of us, it’s impossible to separate the emotional factor of the automobile. A car can be relentlessly practical and economical, but if it doesn’t put a smile on your face, why would you buy it?

To assess which cars make their owners the happiest, J.D. Power runs an annual survey for its APEAL study, which stands for “Automotive performance, execution, and layout.” The company reaches out to owners, roughly 70,000 this year, who have owned or leased a 2017 model year car for 90 days, and asks them how happy they are with the car regarding 77 different aspects. The company then compiles the data and awards models and brands for being the most satisfactory with a score out of 1,000 points.

The opinion of these owners may change in the future depending on how reliable their cars are, but the results do shed some light on some of the most enjoyable cars and brands in the segment. What follows are the ten brands owners liked the most.

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