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The fate of high-tops and a fall in Croatia

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rantnrave:// Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor? OK. It’s happening. I didn’t want to talk about it but it’s too big to ignore. Is this when boxing officially becomes professional wrestling? Who is this fight for? It’s not for the purists. Is it for the drop-in fans who crave big names and marquee fights? The fighters who want to prove boxing or MMA breeds the best? The fans who want a night out with their friends? It’s too hard to pass on this carnival act. A 40-year-old retired boxer vs. an MMA champ. This is for all the PPV sales and for all the content creators. Sorry if I’m being cynical. This isn’t Clubber Lang and Rocky. It’s Mr. T vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper. … Think it’s easy being Sidney Crosby? He was compared to Wayne Gretzky at 15 and concussions nearly derailed his career. But he’s got three Stanley Cups, an Olympic gold medal, and the NHL marches to his beat. SportsSET: “March of the Penguin“. … What do you think when you see a streaker running on the field during a game? Most of the time I laugh, and I question why they run. Are they drunk? Stupid? Courageous? Desperate for attention? Lars Anderson wrote about two streakers in the social media age. It’s a riveting story. Needing attention is key, but you’d be surprised to find out why. If there’s one universal truth about streakers, it’s that they know they’ll get caught and that the moment will be attached to their name forever. … Quit college sports or quit YouTube? That’s the decision for UCF kicker Donald De La Haye. He’s a walk-on who got a scholarship and also built a YouTube channel with 56,000 subscribers. The company is willing to pay him for his work, which the NCAA doesn’t allow. Welcome to college sports in 2017. The NCAA’s archaic rules are well-known. There’s no need to rehash them. The governing body needs to adapt to the modern era. … Rare footage of Bruce Lee in a real fight. … Lonzo Ball’s Foot Locker commercial is on point. He finally does some talking, not his dad. … Rihanna is the saddest Cavaliers fan right now. But her Instagram memes are killing it. … Shinsuke Nakamura has the best entrance in the WWE. An artistic flush in a brutish meat-and-potatoes style of entertainment. Lee England Jr. is the violinist who occasionally accompanies him to the ring — the coolest musician in sports.

Once the NBA’s weapon of choice, the classic has been replaced by low-profile performance pieces in recent years.
Dan Nosowitz | Esquire

As legal battles loom, the college sports establishment argues that allowing athletes to be paid would hurt their educations. Here’s why that’s as preposterous as that sounds.
Patrick Hruby | Vice Sports

For a man who is one of Croatia’s most successful exports, it is a curious quirk that Luka Modric has never been universally revered in his homeland. Indeed, many people have resented his connection with Zdravko Mamic, the most powerful man in Croatian football, but this week that indifference turned to indignation — an instant fall from grace and one captured on camera, no less.
Alex Holiga | The Independent

Water has been a prevailing metaphor for this season’s Warriors, and not just because their logo includes a bridge.
Thomas Beller | The New Yorker

At 37, there are changes in his life and his golf.
Jaime Diaz | Golf Digest


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