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The Dodgers’ long game and how chess saved a village

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rantnrave:// In the old days, radio hosts and columnists would have to create straw men to prop up their nonsensical arguments. Luckily, Twitter and the rest of the internet has given life to all of them. You can find nearly anything being debated, from nearly every point. LeBron James can play poorly Sunday night and suddenly there is a faction debating his legacy. The media suffer from a fake news problem, and sports media suffer from a marketplace of ideas in which the worst ones can gain traction. Evan Williams says the “internet is broken.” Sometimes it’s hard to argue. … This is the murky world the NFL has stepped into by allowing the Raiders to move to Las Vegas. The league can ban gambling but the team’s lease still allows for gambling on mobile apps. Maybe the NFL will try to ban this too, but how far can it go? How invasive can the league be? Can it prevent fans from making bets while they’re in the stadium? The NFL says it expects the team to follow its rules — but that’s vague. It should let this one go, out of practicality and the reality that it’s fighting an uphill battle. But this is as much a PR war as anything else, so it’s doubtful the league will give up the fight.. … C. Trent Rosencrans has a cool podcast series about the path of one Reds minor leaguer to the majors. It’s refreshing and fun to see a daily beat writer experiment with a different format of storytelling. The Great American Dream is intimate and empathetic. The latest episode is about the language barriers Hispanic players face when they reach professional baseball. … Michael Eisner is one step closer to buying English soccer club Portsmouth. … Could an Ainge find a place in Congress? … Bill Connelly for NCAA commissioner. We need a new one now, to prevent unfair rules like this one. Colleges and the NCAA continue to find themselves in a familiar timeline. They make a rule or decision the public hates, take a public shaming, then relent. At some point it would be good to skip the first two steps. … Theo Epstein’s words of wisdom to Yale’s graduating class of 2017. … A smart Epstein idea: the Cubs’ clubhouse. Clubhouses are often large and impersonal, but Chicago spent time researching how theirs should be built. Jared Diamond writes about the importance of having a circular clubhouse and why it encapsulates the genius the Cubs have used to build a champion. … The story of how Nashville grew to love the Predators should be a textbook guide for expansion teams and for how a sport can flourish in a new market. Ben Shpigel captures it in rich detail.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts takes the long look as he gauges Kershaw’s innings.
Andy McCullough | Los Angeles Times

An epic hang with John John Florence at his compound on Oahu’s North Shore.
Zach Baron | GQ

The Chicago Cubs’ clubhouse at Wrigley Field is designed to be a place where players are encouraged to talk to each other.
Jared Diamond | WSJ

Everybody speaks baseball, but not everybody speaks English. No problema.
C. Trent Rosecrans | The Cincinnati Enquirer

Fifty years ago, Marottichal was rife with alcoholism and illicit gambling, but everything changed after one man taught the town to play an ancient game of strategy.
Jack Palfrey | BBC


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