Tekken 7 Review in Progress

Hail to the King (of the Iron Fist Tournament). By Darry Huskey [Note: Tekken 7 is currently a review in progress, as we have yet to be able to fully test the online functions or any version other than PlayStation 4. We will update this review to include impressions of the

Endless Space 2 Review

Share. A beautiful 4X game that stays in close orbit of tradition. By Leif Johnson I first realized Endless Space 2 would be a game I'd enjoy upon discovering that one of its main factions is a race of treants called the Unfallen. They approach the grand 4X strategy adventure of exploring, expanding,

Has Been Heroes Review

Share. A roguelike with good ideas but punishing execution. By Leif Johnson So a warrior, a monk, and a rogue walk onto a battlefield and then... they die. A lot. And then they have to start all over. That's been the punchline of so many of my attempts with Has Been Heroes, and

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Review

Share. A worthy new challenger. By Cam Shea The CCG (computer card game) space is an increasingly crowded one, but Legends is hoping to stand out from the pack by tapping into the rich lore of the Elder Scrolls series, and by bringing some new gameplay ideas to the table. It succeeds in