A starter’s manual for Android Auto

The main purpose of Android Auto, an adaptation of your Android device's screen that brings apps and notifications to your dashboard, is really all about driving safer. How? We all know it’s illegal in most states to use your mobile handset while on the road, but regardless of all

Boost for driverless cars in government plans

Philip Hammond’s autumn statement wasn’t one of the most radical overhauls of economic policy ever overseen by a British chancellor but one aspect of it was potentially revolutionary. That was his announcement that he wanted to see the UK prepared to be ready for driverless cars by 2021.  It was

Uber eclipses the ubiquitous yellow taxi in New York

According to Morgan Stanley, Uber has parted New York’s yellow sea, surpassing the city’s famed taxi fleets for the number of dispatched trips in the month of July. While Uber had been gaining for a while, the real surprise could just Uber’s main competition in the ridesharing sector, Lyft, which