The PC games to watch in 2018

Upcoming PC games Now that 2018 is here, it’s time to start clearing out that hard drive and seriously considering another GPU upgrade because this year is going to put some serious strain on your free time, your wallet and your gaming machine.  In the months to come we’re going to

“BLAZE! Love to the Top” Has Been Released

“BLAZE! Love to the Top” has been released!BL (yaoi) smartphone game “BLAZE! Love to the Top” is available on Google Play and App Store starting today! ■ TOKYO JAPAN, December 13, 2017 - Abracadabra Inc., the video game and entertainment company behind AbracadabraGames otome and BL smartphone titles, has just released

Can the Apple Watch work without an iPhone?

Update: With the cellular Apple Watch 3 available you can now do more than ever without tethering your Watch to your iPhone, but even without Apple's latest wearable there are plenty of phone-free Apple Watch features. With the arguable exception of the cellular version of the Apple Watch 3, the

Silent Siren USA Tour Starts Friday in Los Angeles

November 16, 2017Photo Credit: Hajime Kamiiisaka On November 13 and 14, on the fifth anniversary of their major-label debut, SILENT SIREN held the final Japanese performances of their 26-show tour, “5th ANNIVERSARY SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2017 — The New World” at Nippon Budokan. Following their Nippon Budokan debut on January