Best Linux desktop of 2018

Introduction Note: Our best Linux desktop round-up has been fully updated. This feature was first published in November 2013. The desktop is a critical aspect of your Linux experience, providing you with a user-friendly way to interact with your computer. Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux doesn't tie you to a single

‘Fitbit for kids’ might be in the works

Fitbit is reportedly eyeing up an entirely new market that it has never experimented in before - smartwatches and trackers for kids. A report from Bloomberg quotes people familiar with the matter who say the company has been having internal discussions for a few months about making a wearable for

The PC games to watch in 2018

Upcoming PC games Now that 2018 is here, it’s time to start clearing out that hard drive and seriously considering another GPU upgrade because this year is going to put some serious strain on your free time, your wallet and your gaming machine.  In the months to come we’re going to