ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast Steins;Gate 0

SINGAPORE – 06 April 2018 – Aniplus-Asia is happy to bring Steins;Gate 0 in the up-coming simulcast line-up for April 2018.Based on the popular sci-fi visual novel of 5pb. and Nitroplus, Steins;Gate 0 is a sequel to one of the most popular anime series, Steins;Gate. Being one of the most anticipate

ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast DARLING in the FRANXX

SINGAPORE – 9 January 2018 – Aniplus-Asia is proud to bring to you the last of our simulcast line-up for January 2018, DARLING in the FRANXX.An original sci-fi series created by the collaboration between two famed animation studios, A-1 Pictures and Studio Trigger, DARLING in the FRANXX is set in

ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Season 2

SINGAPORE – 5 January 2018 – Aniplus-Asia is proud to announce the simulcast of TOUKEN RANBU HANAMARU Season 2 in January 2018.Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru was previously aired on Aniplus-Asia as a simulcast in October 2016. Based on Touken Ranbu, a popular online and mobile game in Japan, TOUKEN RANBU HANAMARU

ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast The Ancient Magus’ Bride

SINGAPORE – 4 January 2018 – The Ancient Magus' Bride will continue to simulcast on Aniplus-Asia in January 2018.Adapted from the popular manga by Koré Yamazaki, The Ancient Magus' Bride is a story that looks into the relationship between a child who sold herself to slavery and a sorcerer who

Aniplus Asia to Simulcast Pop Team Epic

SINGAPORE – 27 December 2017 – Following the last few releases, Aniplus-Asia is proud to bring to you our next simulcast for January 2018, Pop Team Epic. Based on Bkub Okawa's surreal comedy 4-panel web comic of the same name, Pop Team Epic will be packed with current affairs, ironies and

Aniplus Asia to Simulcast Record of Grancrest War

SINGAPORE – 25 December 2017 – Aniplus Asia is excited to announce the simulcast of Record of Grancrest War in January 2018.Record of Grancrest War is the first of the line-up of simulcast to be aired in January 2018, as previously announced at C3 AFA Singapore 2017. Set in the land