ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast DARLING in the FRANXX

SINGAPORE – 9 January 2018 – Aniplus-Asia is proud to bring to you the last of our simulcast line-up for January 2018, DARLING in the FRANXX.An original sci-fi series created by the collaboration between two famed animation studios, A-1 Pictures and Studio Trigger, DARLING in the FRANXX is set in

ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Season 2

SINGAPORE – 5 January 2018 – Aniplus-Asia is proud to announce the simulcast of TOUKEN RANBU HANAMARU Season 2 in January 2018.Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru was previously aired on Aniplus-Asia as a simulcast in October 2016. Based on Touken Ranbu, a popular online and mobile game in Japan, TOUKEN RANBU HANAMARU

ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast The Ancient Magus’ Bride

SINGAPORE – 4 January 2018 – The Ancient Magus' Bride will continue to simulcast on Aniplus-Asia in January 2018.Adapted from the popular manga by Koré Yamazaki, The Ancient Magus' Bride is a story that looks into the relationship between a child who sold herself to slavery and a sorcerer who

Aniplus Asia to Simulcast Pop Team Epic

SINGAPORE – 27 December 2017 – Following the last few releases, Aniplus-Asia is proud to bring to you our next simulcast for January 2018, Pop Team Epic. Based on Bkub Okawa's surreal comedy 4-panel web comic of the same name, Pop Team Epic will be packed with current affairs, ironies and

Aniplus Asia to Simulcast Record of Grancrest War

SINGAPORE – 25 December 2017 – Aniplus Asia is excited to announce the simulcast of Record of Grancrest War in January 2018.Record of Grancrest War is the first of the line-up of simulcast to be aired in January 2018, as previously announced at C3 AFA Singapore 2017. Set in the land

WWE 2K18 Review

Share. Despite the series' ongoing strengths, this year is a royal stumble. By Mitchell Saltzman With the exception of WWE 2K16, the common thread of the WWE 2K games for the last few years has been “one step forward, at least two steps back.” WWE 2K18 does not break that trend. A new