Best business laptops 2018: top laptops for work

The best business laptops combine cutting edge productivity features with slimline designs and long battery life that provides mobility and productivity - essential functions for the modern workplace, and we're here to help you by gathering together the very best business laptops for 2018. Having the best business laptop that

Best Linux apps of 2018

While everyone knows that most Linux distributions (distros) are free to download, not everybody is aware that you also have access to thousands of cost-free applications through your operating system’s package manager.  Many of the more user-friendly distros will come with a selection of software preinstalled to help you get

Best drawing and painting software of 2018

Best drawing and painting software For thousands of years, art has remained an important part of human culture and expression. But, of course, it has undergone a great deal of transformation as new technologies have emerged. If you’re a professional artist or designer working in today’s interconnected world, you don’t necessarily

The A to Z of Photography: overexposure

The simple definition of overexposure is when a photo comes out lighter than you intended, and that sounds like it ought to be something that’s quite easy to fix with an image-editor like Photoshop or Lightroom. That’s not always the case,  however, and it’s all because of the way digital

iPad Pro 3: what we want to see

Update: There's growing evidence that the iPad Pro 3 could have Face ID and a design inspired by the iPhone X. Apple recently updated its iPad Pro range with the iPad Pro 10.5 and the iPad Pro 12.9 (2017). They’re the iPad Pro 2 in all but name and each