The challenge of running mobile underground

The news that London Underground will soon get mobile connectivity is long overdue. The Tube was the world’s first mass transit and a trailblazer for the systems that followed. It seems perverse then that London’s imitators have been quicker to implement mobile phone systems. Some cities – Tokyo and

Mobile bosses question cost of 5G

Are we being realistic about the rollout of 5G and, more specifically, how to pay for it? Company bosses have some divergent views on the topic. According to a report in The Register, BT CEO Gavin Patterson is struggling to make the business case for rolling out 5G in the

EU-backed groups warns about 5G claims

Hype. We all love it: the latest band, the latest blockbuster movie, the latest hot restaurant, we love the sizzle every time. And techies love hype more than anyone , the This love has been carefully catalogued by Gartner with its hype-cycle, that yearly depiction of all that’s new and

Bristol hosts new 5G trial

Another day, another 5G trial. This time  it’s Bristol that’s benefited following the decision to run a test network to demonstrate 5G’s coverage of an urban area. The trial, which is being conducted jointly by the University of Bristol, BT and Nokia, will run over Bristol City Council’s dedicated fibre

BT and Huawei team up in five-year project

BT and Huawei have teamed up to form a research group at the University of Cambridge. The project, set to last five years, is going to focus on a range of areas including photonics and access network infrastructure. In addition, the group, comprising experts from the two companies as well