Can the Apple Watch work without an iPhone?

Update: With the cellular Apple Watch 3 available you can now do more than ever without tethering your Watch to your iPhone, but even without Apple's latest wearable there are plenty of phone-free Apple Watch features. With the arguable exception of the cellular version of the Apple Watch 3, the

Best iPhone 7 cases

The beauty of the iPhone 7 over its big brother and many larger Androids, is that it’s dinky enough to be used with a decent case without feeling like it’s trying to break out of your pocket. Some of our favorite cases of the moment add new features too, such

How to get a good Apple Watch deal

One popular device you might find some decent discounts on in the coming weeks is the Apple Watch.  That said, there's no guarantee that every Apple Watch deal will be a good one. Some retailers may be claiming grand discounts without actually knocking much off the price, while others might

The best swim watch to buy in 2017

Running and cycle tracking tech has grown incredibly over the past five years with GPS watches, form-fixing sensors and power meters expanding the universe of performance insights for us try-hard weekend warriors.  Even amateur soccer is now catered for with GPS monitors now available for casual players. For swimmers, though, it’s