Best shared web hosting of 2018

Shared web hosting means exactly what it says – you share a server with other users who are running their own websites from that hardware. Every customer gets a portion of that physical server for their own use. The main strength here is that this is a cost-effective solution, and

Sonos One gets Alexa support in Australia

While the Sonos One has been available Down Under since early this year, the voice-enabled speaker launched without any, erm, voice support in Australia. That changes today, however. Sonos has released a free software update that will allow Australian owners of the speaker to enable Amazon's Alexa assistant on the

Gal*Gun 2 is Out Now in North America

What better time to check out your new DLC wardrobe PQube (London, UK) April 24, 2018 – PQube and Inti Creates are pleased to announce that Gal*Gun 2, the now infamous shooter series, which swaps bullets for boobage and paratroopers for pantsu, releases in North America today for both PlayStation 4

Razer Phone 2: what we want to see

The Razer Phone has set the standard for what a gaming smartphone should be. It has top-end specs, like so many flagship phones, but truly stands out with its 120Hz display. Tapping into its roots as a PC-focused company, Razer knows that games are only as good as the