Users warned over wi-fi security

Mobile phone users should be wary of logging into wi-fi, even though it’s a more convenient way of accessing data.  The warning has been issued by mobile security company Wandera who found a variety of security holes and has published a report that details some of the problems that

The best CDNs of 2018

Content delivery networks (CDNs) work to accelerate almost any website by caching its files in servers around the world. Whether your visitors come from Europe, North America, Asia or anywhere else, content is automatically served from the nearest location for the fastest possible speeds. If you're new to the technology

The challenge of running mobile underground

The news that London Underground will soon get mobile connectivity is long overdue. The Tube was the world’s first mass transit and a trailblazer for the systems that followed. It seems perverse then that London’s imitators have been quicker to implement mobile phone systems. Some cities – Tokyo and