WWE 2K18 for Switch Review

Share. The WWE series hits rock bottom with this nearly unplayable Switch port. By Mitchell Saltzman In my review of WWE 2K18 on the other platforms, I had a mostly positive experience with the still-solid wrestling gameplay but criticized it for not addressing the modes and features that needed the most work after

A Collaboration Between Primeworks Studios And Animonsta Studios Brings ‘Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!’ To Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR – 17 NOVEMBER, 2017 – The most anticipated Pokémon movie is finally here in Malaysia. In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the well-known TV series Pokémon, Primeworks Studios and Animonsta Studios have worked closely to revive the golden years of the Pokémon frenzy by bringing in

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

Share. Even without real-money microtransactions, it has an evil progression system - but there's still good in this one. By Tom Marks [Editor’s Note: As we frequently disclose, Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign story was co-written by former IGN editor Mitch Dyer. In effort to put forward the most impartial review possible, our review

VIZ Media Launches New Shojo Manga Series SP Baby

The Stage Is Set For Romantic Sparks And Surprising Bodyguard Action In New Series From The Creator Of HAPPY MARRIAGE?!San Francisco, CA, November 14, 2017 – Viz Media, LLC (Viz Media), a premier company in the fields of publishing, animation distribution, and global entertainment licensing, delivers a fun mix of