Best property management software of 2018

Best property management software If there’s one market that always seems to be growing, it’s real-estate. According to research from Savills, the industry grew from $217 trillion (£162 trillion) in 2016 to $228 trillion (£171 trillion) in 2017. That represents growth of 5%.    The sector is also pretty diverse. While

Pre-Order Street Fighter Summer Sports Special #1

The 2018 STREET FIGHTER SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL is now available for pre-order at your local comic book retailer.TORONTO, ONTARIO - May. 23, 2018 – The Street Fighter: Summer Sports Special features three standard covers by artist, Rob "Robaato" Porter, respectively showcasing Street Fighter headliners CHuN-Li, Cammy, and newcomer Menat. Also

GDPR: The foundation for innovation

As the last few weeks have thrown into sharp relief, millions of people are suddenly becoming more aware of the power their own data holds, and the data collection practices that go with it. The headlines may have been full of some of the biggest names associated with the