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Sonic Mania: How to Unlock Level Select

This page contains secrets and cheats for Sonic Mania.

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Several secrets can be accessed by collecting medallions in the Blue Sphere Stages. It is unknown just how many medallions are needed to unlock each secret. To ensure the unlocking of every secret, continue to complete the Blue Spheres games until all silver medallions are collected.

You can track the collection of silver and gold medallions in the Extras menu. Collect all the silver medallions to unlock:

Super Peel-Out replaces Sonic’s Drop Dash ability. Instead of holding down and jumping to spin dash, hold up and jump to charge up a Super Peel-Out.
Insta-Shield also replaces Sonic’s Drop Dash. Instead, when Sonic jumps twice, a shield surrounds him for a brief second.
& Knuckles mode simply makes Knuckles your partner.

And yes, you can even be Knuckles with Knuckles as your partner. A nice nod to the meme.

To enter the secrets menu, hover over the “No Save” file in Mania Mode and hit Triangle on PlayStation, X on Switch, or Y on Xbox to access the Secrets menu.

If you acquire all 32 silver medallions (gold medallions are not necessary), you can unlock the following:

This allows access to the mini-game used to unlock this mode. However, you can now choose either the Mania or Original design. Mania designs include new types of Spheres; like green spheres which become blue after touching them, and Pink Spheres which teleport the player to another location.
This grants access to the Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. This is the same game played in the boss battle in the Chemical Plant Zone.
Here, Sonic Mania’s soundtrack is available to listen to on demand.

To enter Level Select, enable Debug Mode in No Save Mode, then hold (X on Xbox, Square on PS4, or Y on Nintendo Switch) while entering No Save Mode. 

  • Press X (Square or Y) to change your character
  • As Sonic, press Y (Triangle or X) to have Tails as your partner

Alternatively, on Nintendo Switch only, on the title screen, hold down B&Y before Sonic appears. Then, hold the + button when the “Press any button” text appears.

Other endings can be accessed after collecting the Chaos Emeralds with different characters. Defeat Dr. Robotnik in the final boss encounter with Super Sonic to reveal the real final boss.
Defeat Dr. Robotnik in the final boss battle with Knuckles & Knuckles to receive an alternate ending screen.

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