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Patience is a hitter’s virtue and peace through MMA

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rantnrave:// I remember my first trip to Wrigley. My first time walking into Fenway and seeing the Green Monster. Awed. The most cherished sports stadiums are cathedrals. You can sense the history and the sense of place. Is that mushy? Yeah, probably. But that’s why we care so much about stadiums and arenas. They are theaters and temporary homes. It’s why I love going to AT&T Park and drinking in the cool scenery and feel of San Francisco. It’s why the new Yankee Stadium is so disappointing — it’s a museum for capitalism, not baseball. Why watching a game in sterile MetLife Stadium is deflating. Fans get attached to the places they watch games as much as to the players. That’s where memories are banked. Arenas like MSG can feel aspirational for some, sentimental for others. The players come and go, the uniforms change, but home is where your seat is. Dive into an anthology about home courts and parks, where the stadiums are the stars. Our REDEF SportsSET: “Home Sweet Home“. … Are we going to see a Mayweather-McGregor fight? Can it be? We’re halfway to the latest fight of the century. Kevin Iole lays out the financials for the fight. Would viewers be wary of spending big money again after the bore that was Mayweather-Pacquiao — a fight after which many also learned that you can find ways to watch for free. It might not be Periscope this time but there are other apps that could cut into the PPV numbers. … Stay out of the pool. … Chris Cornell was as indignant as everyone else that the Sonics were stolen from Seattle. This rant proved it. Take a moment to remember him.

His career revival at age 30 is so unlikely, players have accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs. Reality, he says, is simpler: He had to adapt to save his career.
Dave Sheinin | The Washington Post

The Snow Leopard Fighting Championship is Afghanistan’s first private MMA tournament. Its owner hopes that, by winning and losing with dignity, its warriors can shed the centuries-old tribal hate that has torn his country apart and almost claimed the lives of his family. Sean Williams visits Kabul to meet the man aiming to give Afghan tribalism a submission blow.
Sean Williams | Esquire Middle East

What does it mean to have a body that’s ready for a music festival? Nate Dern heads to the gym — and to Coachella — to find out.
Nate Dern | Outside Online

For nearly half a century, a UCL injury has meant complete elbow reconstruction for pitchers — and over a year of rehab. Thanks to an enterprising doctor and some very high-quality tape, that is finally changing.
Ray Glier | Vice Sports

As one of the most noteworthy images of Michael Jordan ever produced, photographer Gary Nolton breaks down what went into crafting the photo.
Alec Banks | High Snobiety


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