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Nibiru AKA Planet X and the beginning of the end of world

The title says it all or does it? There are a ton of youtube videos and articles splashing science and religious prophecy of an apocalyptic earth as soon as September 23, 2017. Let me check my calendar. Holy shit, that’s tomorrow, and I haven’t had time to prepare for it. How could any of us prepare for an event on this magnitude? We have a hard time dealing with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or anything else nature throws at us. We are more or less helpless in these situations so circumstances on a cosmic scale will just make one shrug and ride it out.

Is the government is hiding the truth to control chaos and/or panic? Your guess would be as good as anyone else. Mainstream news coverage interviewed top scientists and they admitted Planet X is real  but addressing the threat of extinction was not met with any level of real concern. Which in turn would leave most of us to believe that it’s not worth our time. It’s probably not, but if it were what would we all do with the time we have left?

I’ve watched a lot of these videos on youtube and some spell out the possibilities of future disaster last year that are actually happening now. That leaves me to believe that their worries for our solar system are warranted, but we already know life is a gift that is equally unlucky so death is inevitable.

I’ll just share what I’ve found to be interesting and I would love to hear what you think. So watch the videos below and please comment.



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