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Miliyah Makes US Debut in Seattle For Sakura-con’s 20 Year Anniversary

MILIYAH made triumphant US debut in Seattle for SAKURA-CON’s 20 year anniversary!

April 24th, 2017

Miliyah Kato made a long-awaited live performance debut in the US as the main musical guest of Sakura-Con, the biggest Japanese Pop Culture Convention in the Pacific Northwest which draws more than 25,000 attendees each year for the 3-day spring weekend. This year, Sakura-Con celebrated its 20th year anniversary and held between April 14th and 16th at Washington State Convention Center.

Miliyah’s concert took place at the main event hall with packed 4,000 audience indluing the enthusiastic all standing crowd in the floor pit that covers the front half of the orchestra section. Miliyah started the show at 7pm sharp with her introductory video followed by a opening dance beat featuring traditional Japanese instrument. “ONE MORE TIME”, the familiar phrase by Daft Punk ignited the audience and Miliyah along with 4x hot dancers (Mako, Yuri, Aiji and Akane)stormed in to the stage in matching orange flight jacket by Kawi Jamel, Miliyah’s clothing brand she designs. In fact, the dancers were styled head to toe by Kawi Jamel for this appearance accompanying Miliyah. It was a 12 song set that lasted about an hour including two familiar covers: “Kazeno Tourimichi”, the theme from “My Neighbore Totoro” and Hikaru Utada‘s debut single, “Automatic”. As Miliyah revealed on stage, she sang that song on the audition and won her a record contract when she was 13. She said that’s why it is so special for her. About a half way into the show, there was a segment, the four dancers were left on stage and showcased their super skilled dance routines which audience responded with huge shouts of joy.

Combining the up-tempo dance songs, mid-tempo grooves and the ballads, Miliyah created a perfect set-list that introduces all the angles of Miliyah’s talent, and audience were jumping, dancing and glowstick waiving throughout the concert. The shows climax was the Disney soundtrack, the Japanese version of Moana’s theme, “How Far It’s Gone” and the heartthrobing EDM dance anthem, “Emotion” produced by Daishi-Dance, Japan’s hottest DJ and hit maker. Although, Miliyah is not known as the traditional ANI-SONG singer (who sings Anime Theme Songs) and many audience listened to her for the first time, she sure grabbed their attentions and many seemed fell in love with her instantaneously.

Miliya’s latest album, “Utopia” went on sale April 12th (#5 on Orion Weekly Chart) and her live concert tour will take place this summer in Japan.

Connect with her via Instagram, or visit the following websites and stay tuned for her US update

Set List:

  1. IN0. INTRO
    2.Dear Lonely Girl
    3. I miss you
    4. Love Forever

    5. Automatic (cover)

    6. Kazeno Tourimichi (cover)
    7. Kamisama Full
    mirror mirror
    8. Lonely hearts
    9. SAYONARA Baby
    10. HEART BEAT

    11. Dokomademo〜How far I’ll go〜
    12. EMOTION

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