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MangaGamer Announces Surprise Guest for Anime Expo

June 19th, 2017 – MangaGamer Announces Surprise Guest for Anime Expo!

With Anime Expo only a week and a half away, MangaGamer is unveiling another surprise guest for the LA convention!

Joining the Visual Novel publisher will be Keika Hanada. Keika Hanada is the Head of Novectacle, as well as the writer and director for the highly acclaimed The House in Fata Morgana series, currently available on both MangaGamer and Steam.

Keika Hanada will be attending MangaGamer’s Industry panel on July 1st, 9:30PM Pacific to answer questions about Novectacle, The House in Fata Morgana, and other comments from fans. Those who will not be able to attend the panel or convention also have a chance to ask questions through MangaGamer’s web form:

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