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MangaGamer Adds UmeSoft’s Latest Title, School Idol QT Cool

February 3rd, 2017–MangaGamer Adds UmeSoft’s latest title, School Idol QT Cool!The current idol boom isn’t just for girls!

When the young man, Haruka, gets hoodwinked into his school’s waning idol club by a “girl” he likes, Akaru, and the female president, Aya, he’s forced to join their idol team and dress the part in girlish attire for their performances! Will he stand up to Aya’s overly forward advances? Will he fall for Akaru, despite “her” surprise?

The road to stardom is paved with sexy accidents!

School Idol QT Cool
The hero of our story attends Hyakumangoku Prefectural Academy. He hasn’t discovered what he’d like to do in his future just yet and passes most of his days idly.
However, his boring yet tranquil days soon come to an end…

It all begins when his beautiful classmate Akaru Yoshikawa invites him to check out the club she’s in.
It turns out the club this mild-mannered girl belongs to is none other than the pride and joy of the school itself…the Idol Club!

Though…the once beloved Hyakumangoku Academy Idol Club has fallen on hard times. Including Akaru, only two members remain…
Due to the sometimes…overbearing personality of the club’s president Aya Kuriyama, one by one, all the members have quit.
Seeing our unsuspecting hero, Kuriyama’s eyes twinkle devilishly…

“Welcome to the Idol Club!”

Before he knows what’s happening, our hero is dolled up as a girl and given the moniker of Cool Idol Haruka!
Dress up like a girl and become an idol?! Our hero soundly refuses!
However, after listening to Kuriyama’s passionate appeal and Akaru’s encouragement, he gives in and joins…
As Haruka, our hero teams up with Akaru as the idol unit “QT Cool” and begins his life in the wild world of Idol Clubs!

But being in an Idol Club is not an easy road to walk…
Beyond just intense training, our hero must deal with constant sexual harassment from Kuriyama, repeatedly made to perform dubious act with Akaru under the guise of skinship…

And then…something even more outrageous befalls our hero…

“I-I’m…I’m a boy…”

An unbelievable confession from the beautiful Akaru!!

What will be the fate of the sensational School Idol group QT Cool?!

School Idol QT Cool
Developer: UMEsoft
Genre: Adventure
Price: $14.95
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+

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