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Lessons from a hermit and video games starring humans

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rantnrave:// I am the target demographic for every NBA team’s game-day production. The light shows. The T-shirt cannons. The halftime shows. I find intrigue in it all, and am endlessly annoyed by the cheesy videos. ESPN’s look at the Grizzlies’ game-day prep is a fun peek behind the curtain. The background on how the parachute drop came to be, the work that goes into Grizz, the team mascot and the halftime act who ran away from the circus are all entertaining vignettes. And photos of mascots are always funny … But if there is a war on mascots, I know which side I’ll be fighting for … Colin Kaepernick is one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. But he still doesn’t have a job in the NFL … Sports Illustrated’s What If? series is an imaginative bit of revisionist history … The Undefeated has used Bob Marley week to look back at the life of the deceased reggae star but also to examine how he and his family built strong ties in the sports world. The grandson who’s chasing an NFL career. The daughter involved with a Jamaican soccer team. These are some of the legacies that have outlived Marley … NBA players let their hearts out on their shoes. It’s one of the sport’s more endearing fashion quirks … You should heed this health and fitness advice from Mose Velsor … Serena Williams won the Australian Open while pregnant. She’s already the GOAT. Congrats on becoming a mom-to-be … Rick Maese’s story of the time a DEA agent met with NFL medical staff to discuss how they give out prescription drugs is both absurd and revealing. When people think of the most cynical ways NFL teams treat their players — this is it. Want to know how the meeting went? Consider this quote from an NFL doctor on the difference between an NFL team and the military flying drugs around on a plane: “The military is exempt? Well, think of our players as warriors every Sunday on the field of battle.” … Derek Jeter vs. Tom Glavine. Winner gets the Miami Marlins.

Hiding in a forest for 27 years, a man found what many can no longer comprehend: solitude in nature.
Nathaniel Rich | The Atlantic

He was one of the NBA’s finest sharpshooters and a two-time champion alongside Michael Jordan, but was run out of the league for his outspoken views. A quarter of a century on, Craig Hodges is still fighting the good fight.
Donald McRae | The Guardian

An investment group is finalizing a partnership with Amazon’s Twitch to launch an indoor football league that lets fans call plays in real time.
Brad Reagan | WSJ

Heirs to the comedic duo present a “critically important” question about a “new rule” robbing contributors to old movies of ownership rights.
Eriq Gardner | Hollywood Reporter

Advice from 1858 that still rings true.
James Gaddy | Bloomberg

He was once called the best player in college football. Now Rogers works at an auto repair shop on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
Cody J Tucker | Lansing State Journal


“It’s not enough to be smart. You have to be curious.”

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