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HTC U launch confirmed for May

HTC has confirmed the unveiling of its new flagship phone to the world – the HTC U – on May 16.

The new flagship phone has also been shown off briefly in a five second teaser on Twitter, showing off some innovative features.

The main image clearly confirms that the new handset will be controlled by squeezing in the side, a feature that’s been heavily rumored for months now.

The design is also on show, with the HTC U looking like a sleek and slim device, and one would expect that it will feature the same pearlescent rear as the HTC U Ultra that’s recently been launched by the brand.

‘U’ is HTC’s new branding for its top-range phone, meaning confusingly there are already two U phones on the market – the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play – before the launch of this new phone.

The HTC U launch time is very much geared for the location of the Taiwanese brand’s home locale, coming out at 2PM in Taipei, but 7AM in London and 2AM in New York – while the phone will certainly make it to Europe and North America, there’s clearly not going to be a launch event in these territories unlike years gone by.

Will the HTC U be a success? While most eyes will be on the squeezable sides and the question of whether this will be a gimmick or genuine innovation, the HTC 10 was one of the most underrated phones of 2017, offering a good camera, audio experience and build quality.

If the HTC U doesn’t dazzle, it’s hard to see a way back for the brand in the high-end handset space… so let’s see what happens come May 16.

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