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Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) Season 4 Voice Actress Misaki Watada Releases Official YouTube Channel

Tokyo, July 18, 2017 –Exys Inc.ʼs YouTube gamer promotion platform, Exvision, and top-tier Japanese voice actor agency, Aoni Production, have teamed up to bring popular voice actors to fans via YouTube. Misaki Watadaʼs channel was launched on Friday, July 14, 2017, matching the start of Hell Girl Season 4 (Jigoku Shōjo: Yoi no Togi), in which Watada plays a leading role as Michiru.

Misaki Watada Official YouTube Channel「Watchan☆nel」

Watada, who voices for not just anime but also many popular video games, will have a variety of unique contents including playthroughs of new and popular games in Japan with her personal commentary. The channel will be regularly updated with English subtitles, so international subscribers can also stay in-the-know about the newest otaku trends in Japan.

About Exys Inc.

Exys Inc. ( is a rapidly growing creative, game, animation and manga production studio in the heart of Tokyo, renowned for having a team of top-tier creators, including former students of Akira Toriyama, author of the Dragon Ball series.

One of Exys Inc.ʼs most recent projects, Exvision, includes training and production for high-quality YouTube channels as a way of bringing creative and exciting contents cross-platform, cross-industry and cross-border.

About Exvision

Exvision ( is a YouTuber promotion service specialized in gaming videos. The platform offers in-depth channel analytics, competitor data, info on trending game videos, and SEO support to increase the number of playbacks on YouTube videos. Additionally, selected users receive full production support including equipment, program planning, editing, training, and brand deals. Exvision is currently working on opening up the platform to a variety of genres aside from gaming, as well as to regions outside of Japan.

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