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Google Pixelbook release date, price, news and rumors

As you likely already know, we’re anticipating the announcement of a brand new laptop from Google during its imminent Google Pixel 2 event on October 4 in San Francisco. It’s believed to be called the Google Pixelbook, and rumor has that it won’t be cheap.

But, why is this new device so exciting – isn’t it just another Chromebook? Oh, contraire. In fact, we expect the Pixelbook to be a far cry from the Chrome OS-touting laptops of old.

So, without further ado, here’s everything that we’re anticipating regarding the Google Pixelbook, mixed in with a bit of what we’d like to see from such a device.

Cut to the chase

  • What is Google Pixelbook? Google’s rumored next flagship laptop
  • When is Google Pixelbook out? Likely before end-of-year 2017
  • What will Google Pixelbook cost? Projected at $1,199 – $1,749

This is the rumored ‘Pixel Pen.’ Image Credit: Droid Life

Expect much more than a Chromebook

Your first tell that the Pixelbook will likely be much more than just another Chromebook is its name. Google seems to have dropped the ‘Chromebook’ moniker entirely, sort of blending this device’s name from its last line of laptops: ‘Chromebook Pixel.’

But, again, why drop the Chromebook name at all if it’s indeed that type of device? It’s important to remember that technology companies know the importance of a product’s name, from what it tells you about how it functions to how it makes you feel.

Allegedly removing the ‘Chromebook’ from the name of this laptop was deliberate and intentional – if true, Google did not make this decision lightly.

The lid has definitely closed on Google’s old line of Chromebooks

Expect lots of storage and power

According to the one and only leak regarding the Pixelbook so far, the latest Google laptop will house more storage than any laptop from the company before, much less any Chromebook ever – period.

Specifically, the Pixelbook will allegedly come in three varieties: with 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of flash storage inside. To put a finer point on it, the supposed base model of the Pixelbook offers twice as much flash storage as the previous Chromebook Pixel.

Now, while we haven’t heard much else regarding the Pixelbook spec sheet, we feel that Google would be remiss not to include an equally beefy processor in this device. That is, not to mention put both flagship parts behind a typically-Google, high-resolution display.

Google has done just this with its previous Chromebook Pixel models, opting for Intel Core series processors and WQXGA, or 2,560 X 1,700-pixel touch displays.

That said, based on that leak earlier this month, we do expect the Pixelbook to be a convertible hybrid laptop with a multi-touch screen. We also anticipate a companion device in the form of the ‘Pixel Pen,’ a stylus that will likely expand upon the Pixelbook’s touch capabilities.

Sadly, this will likely come separately from the device itself at a premium of $99 (about £75, AU$127).

What we want to see from Pixelbook

Given that we know very little about the Pixelbook beyond projected pricing as well as storage options, it’s tough to form too many expectations for Google’s next laptop. However, here are a few niceties that we’d be glad to see within this new device.

A high-resolution screen: With a name like ‘Pixelbook’, this should be all but a given. In fact, if Google were to simply maintain the current WQXGA resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio, it would still be well competitive with today’s top laptops. Just make it AMOLED, and we’ll be A-OK.

Intel Core power: If Google wants a laptop that can support all sorts of Android apps and other tasks, it’s going to need some serious juice under the hood. Luckily, judging by its track record, this request seems all but a given for Pixelbook.

More than just USB-C: Here’s to hoping that Google won’t ditch ‘legacy’ ports entirely with the Pixelbook, including at least one USB-A port and maybe even an SD card slot. Again, luckily Google seems to be down with this, judging by the Chromebook Pixel’s port offering.

The debut of Fuchsia OS: This is our moonshot, if you will. We won’t get too deep into it here, but this rumored Pixelbook seems like the prime candidate for Google’s forthcoming Android-Chrome-OS hybrid, Fuchsia OS. For more about this, read our recent analysis.

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