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Farewell to Starbury, the Dodgers’ voice and motorsport cheats

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rantnrave:// Should Joe Mixon be at the NFL combine? Lions GM Bob Quinn thinks so. Others don’t. What’s more important for the NFL: punishing players who committed domestic violence (or other heinous acts) in college or giving teams unlimited opportunity to investigate the players (and thereby serving its actual constituents)? For a league that has been thought to be soft on domestic violence, the NFL has decided prioritizing its public image is the best play, especially if it provides moral cover, too. … The Warriors, like most of us, were worried about Kevin Durant on Tuesday night. Luckily, he won’t miss the playoffs. That would have been too dramatic a loss for the NBA and its fans. Cavaliers-Warriors III is still possible. It wouldn’t be the same without him. … Johnny Manziel is making a comeback. … What’s worse: sportswriting or political punditry? … Rick Barry has still got it. … The latest innovation in competitive sailing: stationary-bike grinding stations in place of arm-powered pedestals. The Kiwis are all about iterating. … I’m not here to pick on Under Armour — the company has had it hard enough over the past month — but the target demographic for its latest sportswear line sounds endangered. The new line is catering to those “jumping on their motorcycles with surfboards en tow.” Be careful in that cotton bomber and jogger. … NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra has another perspective on why baseball players aren’t politically outspoken. … Sweden’s women’s soccer team is replacing the names on the backs of jerseys with empowering tweets. … Ball don’t lie? … The USGA is looking to change some rules and eliminate 10 outright to try to make golf more modern. … Twitter might finally be starting to crack down on eggs in earnest. Good news for all of us.

Marbury had hinted that this season in China might be his last, but now it seems the former NBA All-Star wants to stay. The Beijing Ducks have a difficult decision to make.
Andrew Crawford | Vice Sports

As Earvin “Magic” Johnson laid out the qualities he hoped to find in the Lakers’ next general manager early last week, longtime player agent Rob Pelinka had already begun informing clients he was accepting the job.
Bill Oram | The Orange County Register

On birding as an extreme sport, and how observing birds satisfies a “bone-deep, soul-deep need to classify and organize the world around us.”
Eva Holland | Longreads

As Joe Davis prepares to settle into the most hallowed vacant seat in Los Angeles sports history, he can take solace in one bit of decorative relief.
Bill Plaschke | Los Angeles Times

I can’t think of a sport where rules are molested with as much glee and abandon as they are in motorsports. That’s part of what makes racing so great: the devious and clever ways that teams will attempt to squeeze out some kind of advantage are a fascinating part of the sport.
Jason Torchinsky | Black Flag


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