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Fannie’s ‘Spreads The Love’ To Local Homeless Shelters, Veterans For V-Day

 Part of the spread from Fannie's Cafe's 2016 Valentines Day Sunday Brunch Part of the spread from Fannie’s Cafe’s 2016 Valentines Day Sunday Brunch View Full Caption
Facebook / Fannie’s Cafe

PORTAGE PARK — For Fannie’s Cafe, 5040 W. Montrose Ave., any holiday is an opportunity for giving.

The cafe is taking the run-up to Valentines Day to stock up on bags full of clothes, personal items and toiletries to deliver to local homeless shelters as part of its “Spread the Love” campaign.

Through Feb. 14, the staff is asking customers to grab an old book bag or purse and fill it with anything from socks to candy bars to hand lotion, or anything else that fills a basic need. Afterward, the bags will be divided among six nearby shelters.

Humans won’t be the only beneficiaries of the drive: Fannie’s is also collecting ziploc bags, chew toys, dog food and more to deliver to Chicago Canine Rescue.

And on Sunday, the cafe will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from its annual “Valentine’s Day Sunday Brunch” to Chicago Veterans, a Portage Park-based non-profit that helps service members assimilate back into civilian life.

One of multiple charity drives Fannie’s has planned for 2017, the “Spread the Love” campaign fulfills the restaurant’s theme of “craft and community,” owner Stephanie Rybandt said.

“We want to be a positive force, and businesses have a special ability to do that,” Rybandt said. “We take that goal very seriously as part of our overall purpose.”

A full list of suggested items to donate is listed on Fannie’s Facebook page.

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