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Download of the day: Irfanview


Irfanview (which takes its name from its creator, Irfan Skiljan) is the wise old app of image viewers. In its 13-year lifespan it’s remained one of the most useful things you can put on your PC. It’s an excellent image viewer, but it’s capable of much more than that.

Why you need it

We all need to view images from time to time, whether they’re photos from our phones or things we’ve scanned in. Irfanview is exceptionally tiny in terms of the system resources it uses, and that means it’s blazingly fast. That’s important in these days of mega megapixels, which have pushed image file sizes up dramatically. 

Irfanview is also very sociable. It plays nicely with pretty much any kind of image file you can imagine – not just photo ones but icons, PostScript, PSD, GIF and more, as well as music and video files. That makes it an excellent anything-viewer.

The other thing that Irfanview excels at is conversion. It has a batch processing utility for fast renaming and conversion of multiple files, and can convert from and to most image file formats with complete control over the conversion settings. Add in skinnable toolbars and support for plugins and you’ve got the Swiss Army Knife of images. It’s brilliant.

Download here: Irfanview

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