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Don’t Miss Any Bonecharms in Mission 2 of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Bonecharms are an important aspect to giving your character different bonuses. Unlike Dishonored 1 and 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider does not feature Runes to upgrade your powers, and so Bonecharms are your only options.

You can find them within levels or craft them using the Bonecharm Crafting ability to customize your character with various abilities. When equipped, bonecharms can have four positive traits, but can also a single negative effect if they are corrupted. The more traits a bone charm has, the more likely it is to be corrupted and have a negative effect.

There are six bonecharms to find in this mission.

After taking out the first group of guards in the Northern Campo Seta District, look up above the train tracks for a balcony to a residence, and use the pipes up on the left side to enter the home. Inside, look to the right to find your first Bonecharm.

In the Albarca Baths fight club room, look for a doorway leading into the locker rooms, and look along the ceiling for an open hole to climb up through into the first floor boiler room. Up here, there’s another Bonecharm you can grab on the nearby desk.

In the floor above the Albarca Baths fight club, Head right along the upper walkway until you reach a makeshift bar, with a single man sweeping up the place and claim his Workshop Key. Look to the right of the path going behind the counter to find a locked drawer you can open to find a Black Bonecharm.

Head back out onto the balcony over the fight club and enter the first door on the right. In this small generator room, you can find another Black Bonecharm in a vise.

Find the leader of the Eyeless in the far upper room, Jeanette Lee, and once she has been taken out, be sure to loot her body to claim a Corrupt Bonecharm.

Get Jeanette’s Key from the boss and use it to free Daud from the Suppressor Machine. After Daud has cleared out the room, head into the Bookmaker’s booth and take the Corrupt Bonecharm lying on the desk.

There are 18 Bonecharms to find in Mission 2

At the start of the missions, use Foresight to look up at the roof of the green building next to the locked gate, and you can spot a swirling yellow item that denotes a Bonecharm.

Use Displace to get to the roof of the carriage stop, then to the top of the gate and onto a nearby lamp post so you can then displace to the roof of the green building where the Black Bonecharm awaits you.

Enter the Red Camellia through the back alley entrance. Once the maid is out of the way, look around the front desk of the beauty parlor to find a Corrupt Bonecharm stashed just behind the desk.

Enter the apartment building next to the Red Camellia leading to the Dentist’s Office. Inside, enter the first room on the left and look for a bookcase with a grate over it, and push the button on the right to raise the grate and obtain the Bonecharm.

Head down the main avenue from the Red Camellia and take a right past the performing mime. As you head down stairs, look for a low roof over on the left above some pipes, and displace over to it. On the other side of the roof is a lower roof with a whale oil spill, and near it you can find a Corrupt Bonecharm under a large pipe.

All of these Bonecharms are located at the Black Market, which is under the road across from Ivan Jacobi’s office.

If you want to rob the Black Market like you could in Dishonored 2, listen to the nearby rats to learn of a secret path into the marketplace.

Smash the nearby sign to find an open grate, and use your powers spy inside the place, and look at the locked door to find the code posted on the other side. Now you can unlock the door and sneak up to knock out the merchant – and help yourself to the two Black Bonecharms, two Corrupt Bonecharms, and other goods.

Head to Colibron Plaza where Ivan Jacobi is preparing a speech. Look for the tent behind where Ivan is rehearsing.

There’s a guard watching it that you can lure away, or you can use Semblance on a guard back on the main road and simply walk into the tent, where you will find a Black Bonecharm sitting on a desk with Ivan’s notes and other loot.

In the apartment building across from where Ivan Jacobi is rehearsing his speech, head down to the basement. As you enter the wine cellar with the broken wall and large floodlight, look along the right into the shelving in the cellar, and you can spot a Corrupt Bonecharm lying near-hidden in one of the drawers.

Head up the tall stairs going past Ivan Jacobi’s office towards the bank plaza.

At the top of the stairs, note a balcony above you on the right, and use Displace to get above the spiked fence and over to the patio. Next to the reclining chair, you can find a Bonecharm on a small table.

At the plaza in front of the gate to the bank, look along the side along the road to Shan Yu’s home for Cienfuegos Pharmacy.

If you look up at the widows on the second floor, one of them is open. In here, you can find a Black Bonecharm behind a glass display cabinet.

Enter the home of Shan Yun using the secret knock found in Eolina’s residence.

Once inside, look to the right of the entrance you find yourself in, and you can find a Bonecharm in a display case sitting just under a large painting. However, breaking the glass will alert all three guards on this floor – so you may want to take them out first before trying to steal the bonecharm.

In Shan Yun’s home, sneak into the kitchen and take out a servant to get the Dumbwaiter Room Key. With the key in hand, climb into the dumbwaiter in the kitchen and hit the number 2 button to get up to the second floor. In this room, you can find a Bonecharm right on the desk.

Shan Yun himself holds this bonecharm. He can be found in his home on the third floor bedroom, with two guards stationed outside.

In Shan Yun’s study is a safe that can only be opened by voice – and needs a certain song to be played. Steal the golden audiograph from the second floor private gallery, and play it in the nearby audiograph player to open the safe. Once you open the safe, you can help yourself to the Bonecharm, as well as some other loot.

Visit the Spector Club – either by sneaking in from Shan Yun’s house or getting an Eyeless tattoo at the Red Camellia. Once you get inside the main bar area, be sure to check behind the bar counter for a Corrupt Bonecharm near where the Bartender is standing.

At the Spector Club bar, unlock the door to the saferoom where a lone woman is tending to. Quickly enter the restricted area and close the door before choking out the woman, and taking the Black Bonecharm lying on the desk.

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