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DLE’s “Eagle Talon” and DC Comics Collaboration

The Eagle Talon Society joins the Justice League for an original animated movie, to be released in Fall 2017CHIYODA CITY, TOKYO, JAPAN – March 22, 2017 – DLE Inc. (TYO: 3686) and Warner Brothers Entertainment / DC Comics Entertainment will join forces on an all-new original anime feature film titled “Eagle Talon movie 10: The Eagle Talon Society v. DC Superheroes” (鷹の爪映画10:鷹の爪団対DCヒーローズ). The movie will be written, directed, and partially voiced by “Eagle Talon’s” creator, Ryo Ono, also known as FROGMAN. Expect the film to have the entertaining comedy that “Eagle Talon” is known for, along with the high-quality action fans have come to expect from DC Comics. The film will be released in Fall 2017, with the release date to be announced at a later date.

For those unwilling to wait for the movie, the completed script for the entire movie will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis at Anime Japan 2017 (taking place March 25-26 at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan) at Warner Brothers Japan’s booth. A very limited number of scripts will be available, with the distribution ending once all available copies are gone.

Eagle Talon movie 10: The Eagle Talon Society v. DC Superheroes” Summary
Joker has come to Japan to steal the Eagle Talon Society’s secret weapons in his continued scheme for pure chaos. However, the Justice League is on his trail, but there’s something off with Batman. Now, it’s up to Eagle Talon to go find out what’s wrong with Batman, and that means going back in time to Bruce Wayne’s most traumatic experience, the murder of his parents. If that wasn’t enough to worry about, the Eagle Talon Society also have to keep their eyes on their production budget, especially with most of that money going towards the licensing fee for DC’s popular characters. Will the Eagle Talon Society and the Justice League be able to stop the Joker before their budget dries up, and they’re reduced to simple stick figures!?

A teaser/concept trailer for the movie can be found below.


About “Eagle Talon”
Eagle Talon (秘密結社 鷹の爪 Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume) is a Japanese Flash animation created by former Shimane Prefecture resident Ryo Ono (FROGMAN) and produced by DLE. The series turns the classic superhero formula on its head, making the ostensibly “evil” team of villains the protagonists of the story, and the traditional superhero of the series, Deluxe Fighter, a narcissistic and largely incapable bully. Each episode follows Eagle Talon’s attempts (and subsequent failures) to take over the world.

About Dream Link Entertainment, Inc.
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, DLE Inc. is a Tokyo-based animation and entertainment company founded in 2001 by former Sony executive Ryuta Shiiki. DLE has gained notoriety in Japan for their flagship animated television and film series Eagle Talon, a surreal sitcom created entirely in Flash animation by popular creator Frogman (aka Ryo Ono). DLE has now produced over 30 properties and has business and creative partners in Shanghai, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, India and North America where Hasbro is a stakeholder. In 2015, DLE acquired the fashion event brand, Tokyo Girls Collection.

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