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Defending Big Baller; Premier League challenges

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rantnrave:// So what if MLB has backslid into another PED-littered era? That’s what SI’s Tom Verducci alleges, and he would know after he helped expose the steroid era of the 1990s. Any sport’s stance on PEDs has always been relative. Deciding what is legal and what isn’t is drawing an arbitrary line on how far science can affect sports. The steroids of the ’70s and ’80s were forceful and dangerous. Can the same be said for HGH and the new drugs available to potential cheats today? Leagues must walk a complicated road when it comes to PEDs. Their athletes are role models, whether they like it or not. They must also avoid the scrutiny of politicians. MLB’s trip to Capitol Hill 12 years ago is still a black eye and it probably doesn’t want to do it again. But fans dig the long ball. Higher-scoring games make for arguably better product. Would the integrity of the game really be hurt if players could avail themselves of medical progress? It at least makes for a good argument, doesn’t it? … A show starring Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre sounds like must-see TV. … Baseball has no better spokesman than Adam Jones right now. His Yahoo Sports interview opens a window into the complexity of race in MLB and what it’s like to be in the spotlight as the loudest voice in the room on the topic. MLB can only hope that Jones continues to talk. He’s worth listening to every time he speaks. … I almost bought my own food scale after reading this. But I still don’t want to step on a scale. … Ted Leonsis thinks media companies should be run like sports teams. Maybe he has a point. But those media companies live in an ecosystem with much tougher competition. Sports teams can handle losing seasons and sell hope. The demand for their product is relatively inelastic compared to the marketplace media companies live in. But the two have something in common. Whether you run Amazon or the Jets, your long-term success is dependent on your owner. Sustained winning in sports only comes with competent ownership. And what thriving media company doesn’t have a strong CEO? But I bet sports fans wish they could push out a poor owner as easily as a board can depose its chief exec.

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