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Chelsea takes the title and the Kings’ deep scars

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rantnrave:// We have been blessed with a year’s worth of ridiculous postseasons. From Villanova’s buzzer-beater in last year’s NCAA tournament final to LeBron’s comeback against the Warriors, to the Cubs, to the Patriots’ Super Bowl win, it has been one epic playoff moment after another. So it’s understandable that there is some disappointment and boredom with the NBA playoffs this year. It’s been underwhelming and slow. With so many blowouts, fans and media are getting antsy. “If you don’t like it,” Kevin Durant said, “don’t watch it.” Then you might have missed Sunday night. Boston’s big win was a thrilling exception — a reminder that Cleveland can lose. Who saw that comeback coming? But it didn’t break the rule. I get the agita. But not every postseason is captivating. We’ve been lucky. But take another look at what we’re watching. The Cavaliers and Warriors are building toward a tantalizing NBA Finals. They’ve each won one title over the other. We’re getting a trilogy. Isn’t this the endgame everyone wanted? Two roaring giants steamrolling everyone to face each other again. … Can we take a moment to appreciate LeBron? This has been one of his best seasons, and it has flown under the radar. Has he had a more dominant playoffs than this one? Game 3 was the first poor performance he had all spring. Not like we needed a reminder, but LeBron James is The King, and his empire has grown beyond the NBA to everything he touches. He’s the most dominant athlete in the U.S.: six straight NBA Finals appearances and a seventh on the way. Go ahead and try to slow him down. SportsSET: “LeBron Holds the Throne“. … Beef Johnson seems like a fun time. Maybe he can be one of the faces of golf in its post-Tiger world. … Another year, no Triple Crown. It’s the biggest tease in sports. The horses’ names are fun, though. … Does NBA commissioner Adam Silver have to react to Mark Cuban’s admission that the Mavericks tanked this season? Should an owner or team be punished for telling the truth? What’s the difference between doing it blatantly but not admitting it, like the 76ers, and copping to it after the fact? Tanking is the right strategic move. The incentive, if there needs to be one, should be against tanking, not against talking about it. … Loved this 1981 story on Andre The Giant. What a life he led. Look at how large his hands are. I can’t wait for the documentary on him. … Does this mean sneaker prices are going to rise again?

When the Chelsea plane got back to London after the title-clinching 1-0 win at West Brom, some of the players were still all too willing to go out on the town while others were just delirious in the feeling of victory.
Miguel Delaney | The Independent

The company has reimagined its signature technology, durable sacks of inert gas, for the $190 VaporMax.
Ira Boudway | Bloomberg

When L.A. eliminated Edmonton from the 1982 Stanley Cup playoffs, it was one of the biggest upsets in history — and the turning point was the craziest comeback the league has ever seen.
Ryan Kennedy | The Hockey News

Suit shop owner Joel Oks has clothed — and mooned — them all.
Joe Lemire | Vocativ

Were the Kings cheated out of a win in the 2001-02 Western Conference finals? Maybe. But the loss undeniably echoes in the organization today.
David Roth | Vice Sports


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