Genesis G70 First Drive | An arrow to the heart of the Germans

SEOUL, South Korea — As schoolyard cliques go, the triumvirate of premium German small sedans has always been nastily effective. Sure, the gang's leadership sometimes swaps around, favoring whichever one has the latest engineering or marketing trick, but what they do even more effectively than beating each other is blocking

Genesis G70 vs sport sedan rivals: How it compares on paper

We got our first look at the Genesis G70 sport sedan today. We think it looks good, with enough ties to its fellow Genesises (Geneses?) to further establish the brand and just enough distinction to help it stand out from the crowd.But ah yes, the crowd. Although Genesis didn't release

Hyundai confirms a shift to EVs, unveils fuel cell SUV

SEOUL — Hyundai confirmed on Thursday it was placing electric vehicles at the center of its product strategy — one that includes plans for a premium long-distance electric car as it seeks to catch up to Tesla and other rivals. Like Toyota, Hyundai had initially championed fuel cell technology as the

These are the automakers that owners say they like the most

slide-6833635 Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images J.D. Power APEAL Awards Logical, objective factors such as cargo space, fuel economy, and price are all vital when it comes to finding the right car. Still, for many of us, it's impossible to separate the emotional factor of the automobile. A car can be relentlessly practical and

2018 Genesis G80 Sport First Drive | Pennies from heaven

It's just not enough to be packed with luxury car equipment or have specs and proportions that look the part. And it's certainly not enough to have a price tag that's lower than everyone else's. It's just not enough because the car formerly known as the Hyundai Genesis outsold all

Trump encouraged by talk of ‘a level playing field’ on trade with South Korea

South Korea is a longstanding American ally, but President Donald Trump has spoken harshly about U.S. trade imbalances and threatened to tear up the bilateral trade pact."We will do more to remove barriers to reciprocal trade and market access," Trump said, adding that the two leaders had talked about the