Share. War is hell. This game is only a little better. By Caley Roark RAID: WWII begins well enough. The opening movie captures the timeless appeal of a ragtag bunch of Allied soldiers casually and violently disrupting the march of the Nazi war machine. The cast of characters is familiar: a staunch British

Sony Announces Mini PS4 Controller for Kids

The officially licensed controller will feature a smaller design. By Jordan Oloman Sony has revealed a mini PlayStation 4 controller aimed at children. The officially licensed peripheral, dubbed the Mini Wired Gamepad, was revealed in a post on PlayStation Blog, where the full design of the fun-sized gamepad is showcased. The controller is made by Hori,

Wolfenstein 2’s Marketing Leans Into Real-World Events

But the game's timing and story were established long before current events, Bethesda says. By Jonathon Dornbush Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' marketing is intentionally tying into real-world events, Bethesda confirmed in a new interview. But developer MachineGames decided on the game's story long ago and did not intend the game

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Looks Cooler Than the Movies

Sextillion. By Samuel-IGN Pirates of the Caribbean will be the next game from Jersey Jack Pinball, complete with a full-color screen, a miniature, rocking boat playfield, and a barnacle-encrusted limited edition cabinet. Pinball, video games, and film are slowly converging with the newest round of pinball machines from Jersey Jack Pinball

Activision Files Patent for Microtransaction-Minded System

Bungie confirms the functionality is not in Destiny. By Alex Osborn UPDATE: An Activision representative provided the following statement to IGN: "This was an exploratory patent filed in 2015 by an R&D team working independently from our game studios. It has not been implemented in-game." Activision has filed a patent for a microtransaction-driven