Apple and Comcast reportedly in talks for movie rentals right after theater debuts

As more people find creature comforts in watching movies from home with services like Netflix and Hulu, movie studios could soon skip the wait and release new flicks to streaming shortly after they hit theaters — for a price. Distributors like Apple and Comcast — in conjunction with studios like

Google Home just added support for free Spotify streaming

While the free version of Spotify still provides ample music for frugal listeners, one of the biggest incentives for shelling out the extra $9.99/£9.99/AU$11.99 a month is the ability to take unlimited jams across any device — particularly smart speakers like Google Home. However, Spotify is removing that barrier for

Snapchat Spectacles nearly got me banned from Yankee Stadium

Snapchat and Instagram videos are being recorded everywhere, but you won’t find them at a Yankees game, at least not while security guards are looking. I just moved from Los Angeles to New York City, mainly because New York has become the tech capital of the world. But not everyone

Intel’s 8th-generation desktop CPUs will up core counts across the board

Intel is evangelizing its 8th-generation Core i series with reckless abandon, most recently detailing the upcoming desktop chip line to Chinese manufacturing partners in a private session it had to know would inevitably leak online. Just ahead of an August 21 official reveal, the leak comes courtesy of a photo