Best e-commerce hosting in 2018

Best e-commerce hosting in 2018 Got a great idea, service or product? Building a quality web store could help you sell it to the masses, and it's easier than you think. Even basic shared hosting plans will often include core e-commerce functionality: templates for web stores, PayPal integration, easy installs for

UK 4G slower than most of Europe but availability is improving

The average 4G speed in the UK is slower than 28 nations in Europe, according to crowdsourced data from OpenSignal, but the continent as a whole is improving. OpenSignal’s latest ‘State of LTE’ report measured speeds and availability across the world, using test data from nearly 5 million devices. It

How to watch Ski Jumping highlights at the Winter Olympics 2018

With the Winter Olympics 2018 now well underway, attention turns to the Ski Jumping. An event that holds special resonance for British viewers of a certain age thanks to the exploits of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, the ski jumping features hair-raising speeds, jumps, and always-enthusiastic crowds. This year's men's favourites include Germany's

Swype Keyboard is officially obsolete

Swype Keyboard, a popular third-party keyboard for Android, has been discontinued. Once the de facto option for people looking to simplify typing on a smartphone, the unique swipe-to-type functionality that set it apart has been diluted by other popular companies getting into the mix in recent years. The Microsoft-owned SwiftKey

Android Pay is dead, long live Google Pay

After realising that it was more than slightly unnecessary for Android Pay and Google Wallet to be completely separate services, Google has started rolling out its new unified payment service, Google Pay. The new app, rolling out now for Android devices, is largely similar to Android Pay in terms of

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 4K Blu-ray release date: series’ first UHD disc confirmed

Were you a big fan of Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Then you're in luck, as the movie is getting a 4K Blu-ray release, with director Rian Johnson's latest epic from the galaxy far, far away the first film in the series to get the pixel-pushing UHD treatment. Revealed in