Facebook launches auto-translate in Messenger for English, Spanish

Facebook’s new AI assistant, M, can now translate your Messenger conversations from Spanish to English, or vice versa, with the tap of a finger.  All users in the United States or Mexico should now have access to this option.  If any user sends you a message in a non-default language, the

Facebook wants to know if you’ll pay for your favorite groups

Fresh on the heels of news that Facebook’s Messenger service is trialing autoplaying video ads, the social media giant is now testing the waters with paid subscriptions to user-created groups. Administrators of certain groups will be able to charge between $4.99 and $29.99 a month for the privilege of being

Drones may get smaller and smarter with new MIT nano chip

Drones already sound like bees, but MIT researchers reckon they can make drones as small as bees – ones that are smarter, smaller and fly for longer than our favorite quadcopters. A team at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has designed a computer chip, called Navion, that’s