Here’s Valve’s official statement after its Australian refund-rights loss

After losing its final appeal against a $3 million lawsuit from the ACCC, Valve has issued a statement via Steam acknowledging its mistake in not offering refunds to Australians, while also informing them of their specific rights on the matter. Valve’s official standing way back in 2014, when the suit

Apple’s AirPort routers have been kicked to the curb

Apple has announced that it’s getting out of the router business. The Cupertino firm will be selling off its remaining AirPort router inventory via Apple Stores and authorized retailers, but will not restock. That said, no price drop has been announced. The company will, however, continue to support the existing

Microsoft Surface returns to prominence in latest quarterly financial results

Last October rumors and concerns that Microsoft was going to kill its lineup of Surface devices arose after reports of dwindling sales. The Redmond company vehemently denied it was going to take such an action.  Now, sticking to its guns seems to have paid off, according to the company's latest

How to watch the 2018 NFL Draft online: free live stream anywhere in the world

What is the NFL draft? Each year, all 32 teams from NFL come together to choose their picks for next season from the top college players. The draft lasts a total of seven rounds and each team can pick once per cycle. This year’s draft will be held at AT&T stadium in

Tile and Comcast want to help you find your lost stuff with voice commands

Tile’s Bluetooth trackers are made for forward-thinking scatterbrains who know in advance they’re going to lose track of all their valuables, and want to make finding them as simple as tapping an icon on a smartphone app.  Now, Tile wants to make searching for your keys even simpler, by partnering

Ubuntu ‘Bionic Beaver’ 18.04 LTS has landed

The release of Ubuntu 'Bionic Beaver' 18.04 is important. Not only is it the LTS – with five years’ worth of support – that will see millions of users installing Ubuntu for the first time with GNOME firmly nestled in the desktop environment slot, but it could be the