This Former Opera Singer Raised $250K In One Day For His Language App

The Fluent Forever app is expected to launch next year. View Full Caption Provided/Forever Fluent NEAR WEST SIDE — What is it like to know eight languages? "It can produce some weird dreams," Gabriel Wyner said with a laugh. It took Wyner five months to learn French, and he claims anyone can

Don’t Forget Us In Clarendon Park Field House Rehab, Arts Program Says

Kuumba Lynx has offered arts programs at the community center at 4501 N. Clarendon Ave. for more than a decade. View Full Caption Chicago Park District/Mike Bump/ Kuumba Lynx UPTOWN — For 17 years, the urban arts youth development group Kuumba Lynx has offered programs in the rapidly deteriorating Clarendon Park

Uptown’s Tent City Homeless Face ‘Disarray,’ Uncertainty After Eviction

Rachel Chambers, 51, and Emmitt Grimm, 64, are surrounded by their possessions packed in garbage bags on Wilson Avenue in Uptown Tuesday. View Full Caption DNAinfo/Josh McGhee UPTOWN — Living under a dilapidated bridge doesn't guarantee you many things. What it did grant Uptown's tent city homeless was a concrete barrier

Designs Revealed For Low-Line Project Planned Under ‘L’ Tracks

Paulina and Ashland Plazas View Full Caption LAKEVIEW — Safety, creative lighting and noise were the hot topics at Tuesday's Low-Line Project meeting. Initial concepts for the under-the-"L" project at the Paulina and Ashland plazas were revealed in a presentation led by Andrew Moddrell from PORT Urbanism, the design firm working

Think You’re Paying Too Much In Property Taxes? Here’s How To Appeal

Ald. Matt O'Shea (top) and Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry Rogers Jr. will walk homeowners through the board of review's property tax appeal process at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences in Mount Greenwood. View Full Caption Shutterstock/Supplied Images MOUNT GREEENWOOD — Think