D.L. Hughley speaks out about recent police shootings

Racism exists and it is practiced daily. There is no sugar-coating this very distasteful fact of life. It is a part of our everyday life. We can debate about it all day but it won't solve the problem. I will say this if racism is not practiced daily then why

Notice Anything Odd With This Safety Image

When information is presented to you in the form of an illustration how many ways would you interpret the information? Well I am pretty sure when you process this illustration from the Red Cross you'll notice the "cool" and "not cool" way to behave in a public pool. The message is

Bryan Brown -BADBODY Man of November

Bryan Brown shared a facebook post on October 4th near Atlanta, GA. He showed compassion for another human being regardless of how that person treated him. His post was both inspiring and humbling. He knows what it means to be a great person and to take a stand to help

Fight For $15

There is a fight going on to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and the people in power have to make this happen. The ownership of poverty is not restricted to people who don't  want to work. There are plenty of working men and women drowning in poverty. Poverty